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After 2/3 yrs [
October 11th, 2011 ï 11:43pm
[ mood | sad ]

Konnichiwa to myself.
Was reading my past LJ entries, and i didn't notice that it's all related about NEWS.
It's really a sad news that NEWS became a smaller group that consist of 4 person.
But I shall just let it go and anticipate for the future NEWS!
No matter what happen, I'm sure that we, FANS OF NEWS will NEVER GIVE UP HOPES ON THEM! Stand!Up NEWS!
Remember Never. Ending. Wonderful. Story.
Every Weeeek, we will face the computer, awaiting for their NEWS.
Pacific Album has TOUCH my "PRIVATE" HEART.
Being a KOI NO ABO, will support NEWS forever!

I know i'm typing nonsense but just bear with me. Was really shocked and heartbroken when they announced it through johnny's web.

But not to worry, I strongly believe that Hey Say! Jump! will keep me accompany during this period with lots of yabuness and hikaruness. Not forgeting yamada X chinen (magic power). Moreover, Daiki, Inno, Takki, Yuto, Keito and Morimoto. I know their their JUMP No. 1 will help me in it.

Apart from fandoming, i shall update on other stuffs.
Reading back my entries, I can't believe that I'm so open to post my poly results on the internet.
Being an old girl now, I will never do that again.
But recently, I'm quite stressful over university life. So LJ, allow me to rant ok!
Exams are coming, projects deadlines are approaching. Feels the burden on my shoulder but shall carry on with it till the day I get my degree. My dream is to work in Japan. I believe that I can do it. Just like what i dreamed in the past, to enter a uni..........

Wish me luck!

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March 2nd, 2008 ï 3:47pm
[ mood | blank ]

It had been a while since i update this LJ...
Find it quite hard to manage both blogspot and livejournal..
But i will continue to try my best to update it..
Just take it that i'm writing a dairy then..
Just like wad Ryo from NEWS said...
^Hope that I can update it regularly without giving up^

Currently rotting at home everyday.. Don't feel like working.
Or in fact, i have never work before.. I'm just too lazy to be punctual everyday for work..
From what i know, year 2 sem 1 will be a tiring one..
So I have to recharge my AAA batt.. 

I shall go out with my friends, camp and stay at home for TV!

My aim for this holiday: To have my LJ look decent enough with my tesshi

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updating [
December 14th, 2007 ï 11:51pm
Finally done with my stats project..
Didn't manage to squeeze 8 analysis within 4 pages but only 4..
But it's okay, since 1 project is down..

Project left:

I think these projects will kill be during these 2 week term break.
Moreover, there is another speech.. OH MAN!
Persuasive speech..Wad am i going to do with that.. I really hate this module.. Although u just got to stand in front of the class and open your mouth to get a Pass. But now the problem is if I can score well for it.. Knowing my grade for this module, make me a bit moody.. I got a C+ for that. WTH! This will surely pull down my GPA.. Now still got to kill my brain cells to think of my topic... It's nt worth my afford at all.

hmm. So i think i shall really take a break from school.
Got to think positive. Think of next yr tt i may be able to go to Japan for concerts provided that my mom is alright..

Mentioning about concert, NEWS concert will start 2morrow.
Feel like stabbing myself.. ARGH~ But it's okay.. I'm still able to get some of their concert goods..
I'm so happy about tt although it cost about $150. So now, got to save!
Don't ask me to go out. na~ just kidding. stella, u go plan when to meet..

Bye peeps.
Genting:This coming mon - fri.

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Project [
December 14th, 2007 ï 11:50pm
[ mood | depressed ]

Stats project is sure a killer thing for me..
I hate to squeeze ALL the data into 4 Pages.. WTH!!!!!
SO many words, so limited space.. By the way, it got to be double spacing too la! WTH!!!

pic will be up soon..

NEWS will be holding their 1st pacific con in osaka hall this sat!
Wish them LUCK!!
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Ashley bdae [
December 14th, 2007 ï 11:49pm
[ mood | chipper ]

I really need a break..

I'm feeling super exhausted..
I wan holidays without any project and any other homework..
ALL the projects are rolling in now..
Just don't feel like doing it..

today went to ashley's house(mummy)..

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Friends [
December 1st, 2007 ï 5:57pm
I miss ALL my FRIENDS!!
(poly cum sec de)

Especially RACHEL FONG!!!

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December 1st, 2007 ï 5:51pm
[ mood | content ]

Got to update wad thing happened yesterday..Actually nth great happened la..Only the FALL which cause me to have body ache..
Yesterday met huiping, hui and xueli..
Had pasta with them and i'm still the one who tok alot..
Unlike xueli..
I had fun disturbing huiping and chatting with hui..
Hope that in future, there will be more gathering..

Hoping for 2e2 and 4e3 gatherings too!

Wanted to go for Japan for NEWS concert.. But my mom wasn't feeling tt well for the padt 1 mth.. So we planned to watch it next year.. Cause my mom want to look at Shige(NEWS)..
If i'm going next year, i'm sure that i got to save lots of money.. Cause i intend to watch 2-3 of their concerts.. Yea.. I will be looking forward to it.. d(^0^)b

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December 1st, 2007 ï 5:43pm
[ mood | embarrassed ]

HiHI everyone..

Just now i had a GREAT fall after watching enchanted with my friends after the movie..
So PAIN la!!!
My whole leg sure got blueblack de.. ARGH~
I also don't noe why i fell down and how i fell down..
Lucky not many ppl see it in the cinema since everyone had leave..
Now right leg super pain..
~My friends were commenting just now that they don't noe that i'm crying or laughing~
But I'm really crying and laughing at the same time..
I crying because it is super pain..
On the other hand, I'm laughing becuase i'm too stupid..

Yea! nothing to do so now stay in the lib to wait for huiping, xueli and huihui..

Got my ica afa results.. Didn't do really well this time round..
I should pull up my socks...
AIM: Enter UNI!!
So must have better GPA!!!

Ica for speech and HTML next tue.. HOPE EVERYONE IN MK0703 WILL PASS!!!

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Stella bdae [
November 29th, 2007 ï 12:28am
so sorry that i forgot your bdae until u reminded me..
But do believe me that i still miss and love u...
know you for 2 years le.. i bet tt u know that i'm a forgetful person and i sux in making a bdae card..
So i should type in here with my losuy english..

I miss the time when you sat beside me during maths lesson.
I miss the time when u disturb me.
I miss the time when you love to go to the washroom, do childish thingy..
I miss taking picture with you.
I miss staying back in miss hing's classroom with you too..
I miss every moment the time we spent during secondary school.

I will bring those sample back for u to use/eat.. then u will help me to wash my stuff..hahahax..
So lets don't forget about it k!


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town with friends [
November 29th, 2007 ï 12:26am
Today just went out with jes, amanda, ashley and zhiyin..
Really had fun when i'm out with them..
ALL those retard stuff we did and all the arguments..hahhaax..
My besties who love to agure with me, JES!
We will shoot each other everytime but this is 1 of our way to communicate..
~So as usual, went to town.. headed to kinokuniya for my dec issue of wink up..
Waited for hours in town just for a jap mag.. Crazy me..
*i think ida will do the same thing*

Hours later in shaw centre, zy didn't buy her spec.. But never, toked alot on hairy leg..
About those stupid waxing and so on.. MOST entertaining part is when we tok non stop from amk to town.. taka to shaw, shaw to taka, taka to orchard control station..
Chat all the way... Pro us.. We can 38 about 1 person for more than 2 hours..
*It's so fun to do this* ^hoping for more to come^

As for the next para, i think no one will read.. All i do is complain...

ICAs will be on mon and tue for POM, STATS and ECONS.. OH MY!
This will kill me for 2 days... i'm going to be dead very soon.. *Hope tt someone will collect my dead body* hahahax.. touch wood..
The following week will be my informative speech and the suxy HTML.. It's SUX TO THE CORE.. I think oral com is still alright.. It's just the part where we got to type out the whole speech..HTML is the worst subject.. No hands on.. Need to check error on the paper.. DIE LA... If i really pass my HTML with flying colours, i will be good enough to edit my LJ layout.. So got to do more coding and stuff...
Lastly, AFA was done this week.. So 1 is down.. Left 5... Yea.. but i think for this afa test, i won't be scoring.. since i read tiral balance as balance sheet.. ASS! NVM, What is done cannot be undo. So let it past then. Another assignment coming.. SHOW AND TELL.. What am i going to do show and tell on the Profit and Loss Statement.. *MOST IMPORTANTLy, need to think OUT OF BOX!* STRESS... Projects are rolling in too.. Sleepless nights, HERE I COME!!!


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November 8th, 2007 ï 4:05pm
[ mood | bouncy ]


I know it has been SOOOO long since i update my blog..
Since it's a public holiday today, i shall do so..
Basically, i think school reopened for everyone except RP..
Rachel fong called me 1 day and hao lian to me, saying that she got 1 weeeek holiday..
After don't noe how many weeeek of school(5weeeeks?) she will have another 2 weeeek holiday..
MOREOVER, after that 2 or 1 weeeek holiday, she will have another 10 WEEEEKS of holiday..
DAMN.. y are they having so many holidays?? not like nyp.. everyday study and project...
I really think that this sem tutors sux for me.. I don't like them expect for my econs and oral com tutors.. My html tutor suxs la.. Can't stand her.. She always say, 'I do treat you guys as adult'..But things happen opposite.. She said that if we are too noisy in her class, we must stand on the chair or table.. DOTZ! Wads wrong with her.. ^contradicting isn't it^
She even minus our class participation marks if we do wrong for her assignment..
I really pity our class..
As for AFA tutor, another longwinded one.. Love to ask us WHY.. Ask us wad is Dedit and Credit... HOW the BLOODY HELL we know! HAIZ..^shakes head^
Soon, projects will be hunting us everyday after our ICA1... I will be suffering from nightmare too.. ^pray super hard^ Did i mention that wad i said for my oral com speech?
I said about Taiwan trip and my main point in the speech is that I SAW NEWS..hahahax..
So fun... But on tuesday, i was really nervous.. i exceed the time limit.. Luckily, my tutor is good enough to let me pass... Oh yah.. I did also wear my NEWS t-shirt!!!
I should stop my schoolling stuff..
I got a NEW SPEAKER!!! Yeah!! As my bulit-in speaker went haywire which cause me going nuts.. My NEWS songs tt i heard during tt time really sux... Now, it's much more better... Good sound and good vocal(koe) NEWS... 
I will get my Pacific Album and Weeeek Single next week!!! Can't wait to look at those colourful pictures!! Another good news is that NEWS IS KEEPING THEIR RECORD... They got 1st in ORICON CHART!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 Singles=7 times of getting 1st!!! For kinki kids, they get 1st whenever their new single release..NEWS too.. Omedetou!
Done with my post.. Off i go.. Play more Game, Unlock more games and do my tutorial..
Pictures of taiwan, hp,hui and stella will be up soon~

btw, i still don't noe how to change my LJ layout..
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Tegoshi and NEWS fever [
October 12th, 2007 ï 9:32pm
[ mood | sleepy ]

 I'm back from Taiwan..
I think almost everyone noe le..
Oh yea..

NEWS is having their lastest single and album..
I think almost everyone knew about it and had pre ordered it already..
Single: Weeeek
Album: Pacific

For Weeeek Single, I HEART that song lots...
Especially after listening to them singing LIVE in taiwan..
Woot! Moreover, THEY SANG TWICE!!!! WOOT!!
I single thing i wan to comment about their covers..
RE single's cover is better than LE's one.. YYYY!!!
but it's okay.. i got their 2 edition.. Since Rainbow this song is in RE!!!
I miss 'Rainbow".. it had been soooo long since they had sing this song in SC and YAX3..

For Pacific album, i had waited for so long after their TOUCH album.. Finally they are having their 2nd album after 2 years... But Snow Express is not IN IT!!!!!! NANDE!(sorry.. my jap or Romaji SUX) But i'm glad that GOMEN NE JULIET is in it!!! woot!!! YAMAPI sounds good during that song.. A sob sob feeling is presented to me.. dotx... I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY ALBUM TO REACH!!! Just saw their LE and RE.. I LOVE both covers but too bad.. My money flowing pipe become rusty after paying my taiwan con trip...hahahax.. So i only got my LE ones.. Maybe when i have extra cash, i can get the RE.. but it's impossible.. By that time, they will have more release...

Now i can see some flame in my pocket.. After getting the tw con goods.. WOOT.. there will be Big FIRE... ahhahax..
I got a shpping bag, t-shirt, tegoshi and yamapi uchiwa, news and tegoshi poster... this cost me 3000 NT... *faints*
No choice... Since i'm now having JE addiction.. Just like koyama's 'LOVE ADDICTION'.. No link.. Johnny san really noe how to suck Fans blood... He will not stop it unless we stop looking at his artists..

Okay.. Back to my Taiwan con.. NEWS MAKES MY TAIWAN TRIP A GOOD ONE.. 
Although there was tai feng at that time, many of us(fans) still wanted to step out of our roof just to see and hear them... What i can say is that NEWS ganbatte.. More events will be up for u since u guys can suck our blood/ money..

On that particular day which is a sat(tai feng day).. I wanted to go to thier dome to q for their concert goods but it's too dangerous so my mom 'forced' me to stay in the hotel the whole day.. ALL i did is watch their taiwan news, hoping to see NEWS on tv, eat and sleep.. But lucky that i listened to my mom.. There was once when we are super hungry, we went to the next block for 7-11.. The wind almost blew me away... Worst of all i'm carrying all those pig food that i will be eating..hahhaax.. My yu shan also almost broken..hahahax.. So moral of the story is that when there is any tai feng in your country, it's a good chance for u to step out and feel the BIG WIND but not w-inds.
So after buying some food, i switched on the tv and saw NEWS news.. Which said that con is being postponed to the next day... I was a little relief since they did not cancel it.. If they cancel, i might have die.. 

So the next day, i went to the dome and q.. I q for 2 hours.. Since i reach there super early.. Me and my mom are the 1st few ones who got into the concert hall.. after snapping of some pic, it's still left with 1 hour.. i was like omg.. i have waited so long and it's time for bed..hahax.. I'm a well known slpy girl.. But when time get closer to their performance, woot, i suddenly got awake.. From that point on wards to their very last moment of their 1st concert, i super super HIGH... Cause i'm able to see them  and listen to them.. i keep quiet when tegoshi sings.. after that, if it's not his turn, i will sing along with them.. My mom did it too... The peak point is when TEGOSHI FELL DOWN off the stage.. *heartbroken* i think everyone feels the same as me.. ALL of a sudden, everyone was like stun or stone at there.. POOR TEGO.... SIGH... But lucky that it happened towards the ending con.. After leaving the hall, i quickly wanted to q to buy the 2nd con.. BUT there isn't any good seats.. so my mom refuse to go with me.. SOB.. 
Heard from my friend that it's more interesting during the 2nd con.. ARGH~ stabs* AND most importantly, KOYAMA did mention about SINGAPORE!!!!!!! OMG.... i miss that part.. i'm longing to hear from them.... ARGH~~~~
They did flips too except shige... I MISS IT TOO!!! FINE..
I learnt tt if they were to have another con in taiwan, nono.. they are going to have another con.. they promise us..hahhaax.. I WILL BUY THE TICKETS FOR ALL THEIR CONCERT.. Nothing will stop me from doing that..

Now i planning to visit japan.. Not sure if i'm able to watch their winter con.. But hopefully i will be able to attend.. But i don't wan to bring my bro along.. It will be a waste of money if so.. He don't even noe who is NEWS.. But he know who is tegoshi.. ahhahaax.. cause of me, the crazy tegoshi fan... But not that insane..
Hopefully everything will run smoothly..

There will be school starting on this coming mon.. *Sigh* How i wish i have a longer holiday..

Pics will be up in my blog.. But not tt soon...


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Poly result [
September 15th, 2007 ï 1:11am
[ mood | angry ]

Okay.. this is my 1st Poly results for the past 17 yrs..
I think that i can do better la..
I don't noe that if i should be feeling great or sad?!?
Okay.. here are my results..

Marketing: Distinction
Stats: A
POA: Distinction
Business Software: B+
Business Communication: C
Econs: C+

GPA: 3.333

I have to doubt myself now...I'm not quite satisfy with my stats results..
Maybe due to careless mistake cause me to get an A? I HATE it!!
For business software, i got nth to say about it.. but i think this grade is good enough for me..
For business communication, it's okay too.. Since my english standard is not that good yet.. Got to buck up for my losuy english..
Lastly, i lothe my Econs grade.. and i hate myself..
Actually, i'm always able to do my Econs stuff but when it came to exam, i really don't noe wad happen..
What happen to my brain? I think maybe i need a brain operation? Aiya!! I don't wan to think anymore..
What is done cannot be undone.. SO i should learn to accept reality..

NVM.. it's only my 1st sem in poly.. i will get better for the next sem....[it's seems like i'm consoling myself] I believe i will get my GPA over 3.5!

Ta da!

I should continue study my Japanese basic...

Oh yah.. today, i'm so pissed off by my family.. SUPER SUPER PISSED!!!!
My mom promise me to go to town and get some mooncake..
So i went out with her.. Unexpectedly, on the way to town, she told me that she and my aunt wan to go to expo to take a look at the tour fair..
i had a feeling of being cheated by them.. So nvm cause i thought after that they will go to town. BUT!!!! After their decision and so all, it's 10 plus O clock...
I'm super angry with that so don't wan to speak to them a single word..
it's so unreasonable!!! make me stand the whole day walking here and there and wasting my money and travelling time!!
ARGH~ Hope that i will never go out with them anymore~ 

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No subject [
September 6th, 2007 ï 9:39pm

it has been so long since i update my LJ..
News will be holding a concert in taiwan this coming mth..
I'm so sad that i can't go.. Hope that they will release a taiwan edition for their concert if possible..
SO SAD LA.. i can't get news poster too..haiz.. y am i so slow when i wan to order stuff from my friend.. HAIZ...
I swear that when i grow up, i must at least watch their concert once!! if not, i will regret..

Okay, this LJ funtion i making me sick..
I don't noe how to change layout and so on..
All seems unfamiliar to me unlike blogger...
HAIZ.. I must figure out how to change it..
If there is any kind soul out there willing to help me>???
If so, i will be super glad!

k.. thats all.. 
Visit my blog if u wan..

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boring [
July 16th, 2007 ï 10:45am
[ mood | bouncy ]

yeah yeah..
time to paint something in my LJ...
So bored  now...
Having this stupid Biz com tutorial..
*imagine a kiwi toking to his class*

These few days, pia~ing my hmks and project..
SO sick and tired of it la..
*i can't stand my freind now, she is so noisy*

there will be poa ica this coming thur..
so sain la..
still need to study..
Exam timetable is out le..
don't wan to study le..

kk.. got to listen to kiwi's toking.. JA~


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July 8th, 2007 ï 1:04am
[ mood | bitchy ]

Oh yea, today is earth day and now channel 5 is boardcasting  Live Earth from 7 pm to 7pm...
From next day onwards, we got to be environmental friendly yeah..
The Earth is suffering so we got to SAVE ouR MOTHER EARTH!!!

okay.. next...

Happy Belated Birthday to Masuda and myself on 4th july!!
*glad tt my bdae falls on 4th july*
I want to thank my friends tt had wished or celebrated with me..

Oh yeah..
ida, i had asked my friend to pre order for us..
so no worries about getting NewS limited edition Spring Concert dvd...
Talk to u more on MSN...

*i'm super sad that i can't go to taiwan to watch NEWS LIVE CONCERT.. 
my parents don't allow me to leave this country alone..*

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:) [
June 12th, 2007 ï 3:26pm
[ mood | cheerful ]

This is the 1st entry i wrote for LJ..
This will be my secret LJ to have my crazy fangirling life..
But normally, i will wrote it in blogspot..
SO for this LJ, i will post those upload link i had uploaded myself...


*LJ is fun!

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